Discovery Set

Experience the Atelier Des Ors scents in a 2.5ml size. 

Please select a maximum of 5 fragrances in your selection. The samples are enclosed in a box with the Atelier Des Ors logo.

You can redeem the 35 Euro purchase of the Discovery Kit on your next purchase of a 100ml fragrance on this website.* This offer is redeemable from one year from the date of purchase.

You will receive either a white discovery or a black discovery box depending on availability.

*Please note that only one coupon code can be used per purchase.

*Please note that the Discovery set can’t be returned. Please read the “Returns & Exchanges” section for more information

35 €

Pink Me Up 2.5ml

68 in stock

Noir By Night 2.5ml

89 in stock

Riviera Sunrise 2.5ml

36 in stock

Rose Omeyyade Extrait 2.5ml

30 in stock

Nudas Veritas Extrait 2.5ml

23 in stock

Lune Féline Extrait 2.5ml

33 in stock

Aube Rubis 2.5 ml

34 in stock

Rouge Sarây 2.5 ml

58 in stock

Nuda Veritas 2.5 ml

15 in stock

Blanc Polychrome 2.5 ml

35 in stock

Lune Féline 2.5 ml

85 in stock

Cuir Sacré 2.5 ml

51 in stock

Crépuscule Des Âmes 2.5 ml

111 in stock

Rose Omeyyade 2.5 ml

35 in stock

Musc Immortel 2.5 ml

20 in stock

Bois Sikar 2.5 ml

39 in stock

Iris Fauve 2.5 ml

30 in stock

Riviera Lazuli 2.5 ml

76 in stock

Riviera Drive 2.5 ml

136 in stock

Pomelo Riviera 2.5ml

45 in stock

Larmes Du Désert 2.5 ml

19 in stock

Chœur Des Anges 2.5 ml

42 in stock

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