Black Collection

The Black Collection is born of the desire to create beautiful, sumptuous scents with an enveloping and heartfelt signature. Each fragrance has a distinct inspiration and specific story to tell where an evocative journey unfolds, illuminating emotions and the senses. Discover bold scents inspired by travels, myths and dreams from the rose coloured stones of the ancient city of Petra, through desert trade routes and Greek mythology.

Lune féline

Lune Féline radiates seduction and temptation. Like a magnetic star, it captures everyone’s attention. It is a symphony of dark and luxurious notes inspired by the moon, with a rich and gourmand trail based on the Tahitian Vanilla.

Rose omeyyade

An intense and bewitching velvety fragrance inspired by the precious and captivating damask rose. Named after the Umayyad dynasty, Rose Omeyyade tells of the grandeur of the lavishly decorated Levant palaces. A resounding ode to sensuality and refinement.

Rouge Sarây

Rouge Sarây translates the romantic imaginings of adventures and tales on the ancient trade routes that traversed the Middle East. Long considered a potent symbol of abundance and hospitality, Rouge Sarây sublimates the date and its fruity and fleshy aromas.

Bois Sikar

The inspiration was clear from the outset: cigars, cedar wood from cigar boxes, paired with Islay whisky and woody notes from the oak barrel. A beguiling smoky tobacco scent with robust woody tonalities swirling against the heady vapours.

Cuir Sacré

A powerful and delicate fragrance for its essences distilled like an Andalusian dream. The leather and wood notes combined with saffron and vetiver revive the Cordoban leather heritage often referred to as Gold Leather.

Larmes du désert

Larmes Du Désert reflects the tradition of perfumes in the Middle East with the use of amber and incense. A spiritual captivating nectar blending the sensuality of noble amber and precious woods with the mysterious spiciness of incense.

Iris Fauve

Iris Fauve drapes the skin like a soft and reassuring veil; a sensual, spicy, faceted composition, sometimes suave and powdery, sometimes more assertive, animalic. A fragrance offering comfort, elegance and a highly sensual experience.

Musc Immortel

The memory of a moment of pure happiness is the inspiration for Musc Immortel. Lingering on skin, it emits radiance and pure pleasure. A passionate serenade of scent ensues as sensuous musks and rich woods weave together as one.

Aube Rubis

Inspired by dawn and the circle of life, Aube Rubis celebrates light and life. An attractive and addictive woody fruity fragrance built around the multi faceted and luxurious patchouli, dressed with sensual and elegant vetiver.

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