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Atelier Des Ors is an Artistic Fragrance House inspired by the magnificence of Haute Parfumerie. Born of the desire to create sophisticated, alluring and sensual scents, Atelier Des Ors crafts stories on skin, evoking strong emotions and poetic journeys.

We put our heritage, know-how and French savoir-faire into each fragrance to make a strong statement in terms of olfaction, design and a certain aesthetic that communicates refinement and timeless elegance.

Craftsmanship, the art of perfumery and gold are fundamental to the Atelier Des Ors DNA. We collaborate with artists, gold gilders, photographers and master craftspeople to bring perfumery as an art to life. Our fragrance line is composed of six collections, each with a story to tell, allowing the luxury to dream.

Founded in 2015 and based in Grasse in France, our fragrances are distributed in more than 60 countries.

Our atelier

Essential and immortal, gold serves as an endless quest for perfection and constant fascination. Its spiritual and symbolic dimension is an integral part of our collections.

In every Atelier Des Ors fragrances, we find 24K gold flakes in the bottle, to offer the promise of a unique experience and eternal elegance.

And for an even more exclusive experience, we work in our Atelier with master gold gilders, using ancestral techniques that have been refined over the years, to magnify our limited edition creations with subtle gold engravings.

Founder & Creative Director

Jean-Philippe Clermont

Jean-Philippe Clermont is the founder and creative director of Atelier Des Ors. He grew up surrounded by paintings and art which encouraged him to develop his own artistic sensibility, expressed in a quest for beauty and the aesthetic.

Atelier Des Ors was born to express a modern vision of refined craftsmanship and art. His dream is to create perfumes that fuse together these elements to give the wearer pleasure and inspiration.



Highly creative and talented, Marie is a Scent Artist with a portfolio of artistic and commercial works. For her, a perfumer embodies both the craftsman and the artist. She visualises her creations like paintings, where hues create contrasts.

«A good perfume acts like Proust’s ‘madeleine’. It has the power to transport and the emotion it arouses is uncontrollable and powerful. It is an entity in itself.»

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