Frivolité Collection

Or the art of enjoying life with an air of light-hearted expression of joy, A perpetual celebration of effusive emotions and art de vivre. A propensity to revel in pleasures, some may say hollow, but this tendency to forges our French culture of beauty and bonheur. Like a bubble of champagne that twirls and sparkles, Like a grain of caviar bursting in the mouth with its unique flavour !

Pink me up

Pink Me Up sparkles and pops, with a mood boosting shine. Experience uplifting emotions with the radiating glow of happiness, joie de vivre and frivolity. Pink Me Up is like a joyous bubble of pleasure, swirling in a crystal glass, symbolising the pleasures of life.

Noir by night

Noir By Night is a juxtaposition of textures and flavours, that offers a unique experience between freedom and sensuality. The fragrance brings confidence and elegance to the fore with a bold expression of silken caviar and rich woods.

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