Atelier Des Ors was born of the desire to create and express a personal vision of French Haute Parfumerie and the dream of creating sophisticated, alluring and sensual scents. We put our heritage, know-how and French savoir-faire into each fragrance.

The quest for perfection in our craftsmanship, the art of perfumery and the use and symbolism of gold are fundamental to the Atelier Des Ors experience. We collaborate with scent artists, gold gilders, street artists, photographers and master craftspeople to bring perfumery as art to life. In our Atelier, talented gilders create inspiring bespoke and Limited Editions. Using ancestral techniques that have been refined over the years, Atelier Des Ors creates outstanding pieces of art.

Gold is integral to Atelier Des Ors and allows for creativity and craftsmanship. Gold and the quest of eternity, mingles in our creations with rare essences, in a gilded caress. Gold represents sunlight, energy and radiance. Essential and immortal, it serves as an endless quest for perfection and constant fascination. Its spiritual and symbolic dimension remains a key part of our fragrances.

Perfume and gold have long fascinated ancient dynasties. The meaning of perfume – per fumum – is “through smoke”. Burning incense was first used to communicate with divinities through the rising smoke. Gold has been the symbol for God in many civilisations and symbolises the pursuit of perfection and the quest for the absolute. These are values we stand for and bring together in our fragrances.

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