White Backgammon

White Backgammon by Atelier Des Ors

Experience our exclusive White Backgammon pre-packaged with Nuda Veritas, Chœur Des Anges, Riviera Drive, Pomelo Riviera and Riviera Lazuli.

This special white Atelier Des Ors backgammon set is made from vegan leather and is embossed with our gold logo. The backgammon set comes with 30 game checkers, two sets of dice and a doubling cube.

The limited edition backgammon set is enhanced with the Atelier Des Ors art deco print on the game board and is housed in a plush white pouch and white box with our logo. The perfumes are arranged in the game set with a velvet cushion.

If you would like a different set of fragrances in your backgammon set, please click here and we will help you select the perfumes of your choice.


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