Sustainable Luxury By Atelier Des Ors

Sustainable Luxury By Atelier Des Ors

With the idea and the desire to create products that participate in a sustainable luxury, we have created our Backgammon and our Hat Box. Unique products, featuring five of our fragrances for an unparalleled olfactory experience, and made with the intention that they will have a second life and will last beyond the years.

But for Atelier Des Ors, the sustainable and responsible luxury approach is also reflected in the quality of the production. Our Backgammon and Hat Box are manufactured in France, by our partner holding the EPV label, which honors the 100% French manufacturing and the company’s know-how of excellence.


Our Backgammon is a unique product, featuring five of our iconic fragrances for an unparalleled olfactory experience. Beyond the perfume selection, the beautiful trunk is reusable and turns into a Backgammon tray. The dices and game checkers are obviously provided so that you can start playing right away!

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hat box

The second exclusive product that is part of this sustainable luxury approach is our Hat Box! Discover an olfactory experience specific to Atelier Des Ors with five of our fragrances. In the same idea as the Backgammon, it is much more than a single use fragrance display box: it is reusable and turns into a vanity, to accompany you during your travels!

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