Our Newest Creation Is Blanc Polychrome

Our Newest Creation Is Blanc Polychrome

Our new fragrance is called BLANC POLYCHROME and we have taken inspiration from the imagery associated with the colour WHITE  and also the artistry and colour enhancement of POLYCHROME.

WHITE Is the lightest colour on the spectrum and the perceived colour of light. WHITE is achromatic, it has no hue and is obtained by mixing the light of all colours, and is also all of the colours of the rainbow combined. WHITE objects also fully reflect and scatter all the visible wavelengths of light. The inspiratIon for this new fragrance comes from the positivity of WHITE, associated with purity, light, brilliance, illumination, spirituality, beginnings and simplicity.

POLYCHROME refers to styles of painting, sculpture, architecture, and pottery using multiple colours. Polychromy is a technique used since antiquity to enhance the beauty of works of art or monuments.Our perfumer Marie Salamagne creates perfumes in the same way she envisages watercolour paintings, with a montage of shapes and colours. The inspiration for this new fragrance is also taken from the explosions of colour in art, painting and nature that offer us multihued kaleidoscopic jewels of colour.


BLANC POLYCHROME  is a modern cologne styled fragrance at a 20% concentration, infused  with kaleidoscopic bursts of colour. Think hypnotic swirls of light radiating through ornate stained glass windows or a transparent prism, highlighting a rainbow of colour.

BLANC POLYCHROME celebrates life and colour. Imagine fields of flowers gently swaying in polychromatic hues. Or a vision of fresh petals leaving their imprint on a white canvas, heralding the rite of spring. A halo of bright achromatic light brings a zesty, and juicy quality to BLANC POLYCHROME with mandarin and lemon to the fore. A dose of lavender with a surprising blend of creamy jasmine, juxtaposed with the crispiness of fig leaves lends modernity.

The fragrance is enhanced with a touch of moss and intensified with musk and ambroxan adding warmth and light. Effervescent, modern and intimate BLANC POLYCHROME oscillates and surprises with its complex simplicity. The scent plays with joy and intensity, and the casual chic of a cologne, bringing a sense of joy, energy and verve.  A refreshing fragrance full of contrast, conviction and the abundance of life.

Celebrate colour with us!

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